So what is IZHE?

IZHE started with a dream I had one this dream, I saw people everywhere wearing IZHE T-shirts. They all seemed to really love it...but I also knew they didn’t know why they loved it, but I knew in time they would understand it’s meaning and more importantly the question it was asking him. At the end of this dream the Lord said to me “Everywhere you go I want you to ask this question... IS HE(IZHE) to you what he is to me?” I responded, Lord you are the great I AM, why do you want me to ask are you? It seemed like I would be questioning who you are. He said, “I know I AM to you, but AM I to them?” I knew IZHE would literally go around the world very soon. IZHE exists to show and tell the world who HE is ...Savior, Healer,Deliverer,Lord,Friend and soon coming King.